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Need top talent, like, yesterday? Coit makes it easy to bring on ultra-performing engineers, sales leaders and GTM teams. Uncover the right team, right now.
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Changing the game for category leaders and influencers since 2000

AI-powered recruitment solutions for artificial intelligence startups and teams

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"The tech industry has undergone remarkable transformation in the last twenty-four months, with new category development driving growth and innovation. AI will revolutionize every aspect of our lives and COIT Group is committed to helping Founders realize their vision."

— Tim Farrelly, Co-CEO of COIT

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Elevate your hiring game and find elusive top AI talent fast.

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Tech stack fully integrated with AI

To drive new business efficiencies and improved ROI

Unrivaled access

To niche and hard-to-find talent skills

Talent experts who understand

And openly embrace AI platforms to speed results and champion your brand story more effectively 

Flexible, adaptive solutions

That scale and evolve alongside your needs

Focused on automation and innovation

Since our founding in 2000

The agility of a Silicon Valley startup

With the power and resources of a global leader

No more high agency fees

Transactional thinking or fear of overhiring

No more

At Coit, we put the power of AI, 20+ years of experience and unrivaled expertise to work for you and your team. No more red tape. No more drains on your time. No more wait-and-see tactics, or high agency fees. Go further, faster, with reduced costs, friction and risks. 

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Hustle hard, and leave the hiring to us

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With flexible RPO services and recruitment on demand, Coit plugs into your existing recruiting efforts seamlessly, so you can scale teams up and down rapidly alongside evolving business needs. Gain access to the same team of AI recruiting experts, our proprietary Method and autonomous talent tech stack trusted by tech's biggest stars.


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