Hiring for triple-digit growth

Amagi is a global SaaS leader on a bold mission to democratize content creation, distribution and monetization via a unified platform. Delivering end-to-end cloud infrastructure for FAST, OTT and broadcast TV, the tech pioneer has scaled rapidly with triple-digit growth. As Amagi entered the U.S. market, they looked to Coit to engage top sales talent, technical solutions architects, product marketers and customer support specialists.
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The Challenge

Relatively unknown in the U.S., Amagi needed help elevating its employer brand and engaging exceptional talent quickly. With multiple recruiting agencies and headquarters in India, Amagi struggled with a lack of structured processes and no ATS. They sought an experienced partner to remove bottlenecks and introduce best practices for better outcomes.

The Solution

Putting Method to work

Deploying our proven Method, we crafted an effective talent strategy to share Amagi’s story and create cohesion with an ATS, process optimization and the latest talent technology. Together with Amagi’s team in India, we went deep on all aspects of their business and technology to execute seamlessly on their behalf. We successfully elevated Amagi’s profile in the U.S. and improved hiring results as ambassadors of their company and brand. 

The Results

Leveraging Coit's suite of solutions, Amagi successfully hired over 70 experienced professionals over the last 18 months for roles that command compensation north of 150K. Amagi recognized savings of roughly $17,000 per hire or $1.2 million overall, compared to the tech industry average of $22,000 per hire or a 20% average contingency fee ($30,000 per hire).
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Our Impact

Today, with a solid team in place, Amagi continues its journey of expansion, innovation and global success. Partnering with Coit, they have the expertise and infrastructure they need to build teams rapidly and create the cloud-based content solutions of tomorrow.


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