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Technology has created a new era for recruitment, one that brings data, automation and human interactions together in real time. Gain access to our innovative tech stack and unlock the full potential of your business. WIth Coit, you can transform your process easily using AI, talent intelligence and groundbreaking technology.
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AI for recruiting success

Talent Technology
Gone are the days of manual spreadsheets, siloed hiring and hours-old data. Elevate, automate and accelerate your hiring with AI-powered solutions.

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faster time to interview


reduced regrettable attrition


improved candidate relevance


reduced cost to hire

Our investment in tools and platforms

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For more than two decades, we've worked alongside the most inventive recruiting technology companies in Silicon Valley and beyond. We've helped to transform many tech platforms over the years, including LinkedIn. We are here to help you too.

As a technology-forward company, we embrace and invest in tools and platforms that enhance our ability to execute. With Eightfold's AI-powered platform, we can quickly intersect your customized hiring needs with our internal talent pool of more than 70,000 tech professionals. We invest in premium-level access for LinkedIn as well as Seekout, and bolster engagement with passive and active candidates using outreach automation tools such as Gem.

We also arm our recruiters with market-level insights for geo-based talent mapping and market salary guides from talent analytics tools such as Horsefly and Economic Research Institute. We leverage assessment platforms such as Criteria as a step in our Method to ensure proper fit for roles across GTM and engineering. With Culture Amp, we manage productivity, success and overall employee health to ensure that teams are performing at their highest levels and fully engaged with your mission.

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Improve candidate engagement

Simplify talent pool management

Automate sourcing and screening

Build a better experience

Guard against bias for greater diversity

Uncover skills gaps to amplify upskilling

Beat time to hire

Cut down on low-value tasks

Lower hiring costs

Identify at-risk employees

Gain data-driven insights

Build a better experience

What our clients are saying



The level of attention and detail we receive from the Hudson RPO/Coit team is the best, bar none! We could not have scaled so quickly without the global assistance that the Hudson RPO/Coit team has provided to us. They are truly a valued strategic business partner.

— Tate Orick, Global Director of Talent Acquisition, data.ai


Coit is innovative in how they search for talent. They went after one of the authors of a popular PHP book; they went after Twitter power users with good track records. They brought whole new approaches to the table.

— Colleen Hancock, COO, Johnson & Johnson


Every month that our sales team went unfilled cost us $1.5 million. Coit slashed our time to hire.

— Paul Sandusky, Vice President of Talent Acquisition, Ceridian


Coit effectively joined our company. They got badged, booked time on our calendars, and completely operated like our internal recruiting team.

— Rick O'Rourke, CRO of Yubico


We outsourced our entire West Coast recruiting function to Coit. The result? In half the time expected, they recruited the team that is now the top performing region globally.

— Joe Caprio, Senior Director, West Coast Sales of Insightsquared


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The top three types of technology that recruiters use are:

  1. Applicant tracking systems
  2. Candidate relationship management platforms
  3. Candidate sourcing software


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