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[Tech x Talent Dashboard] It’s time to change DEI metrics and tactics

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But what exactly needs to change? 

Most companies are searching to bring on a diverse, equitable workforce. And yet, many teams remain rigid and stick to traditional recruiting tactics and metrics. To be fair, metrics like time to hire are necessary, but they don’t proactively address a lack of equitable hiring. 

Diverse candidates may experience processes that unintentionally drive them away. The job description, the positioning of the role, and even the benefits offered (or not offered) may exclude certain groups. 

So things have to change. Metrics, tactics, and internal processes must be adjusted to ensure all groups have a fair shot at work. In this month’s issue, we’ll focus on some of the changes needed, as well as look at what is coming to TA in 2024. 

“We need to measure diversity in the hiring pipeline and capture how our recruiting activities will lead us to our pipeline goals. Are we looking in diverse communities? How many talent pools have we engaged? It’s important to tell the story.” 

Compensation Benchmark: Chief Financial Officer

This month we’re looking at the benchmarks for salary and equity compensation for a Chief Financial Officer. Check to see where your leadership team lands. 

January Insights

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In the first of a series from Sarah George, she shares how benefit packages can be tailored to fit diverse groups and bring them into your talent pipeline. 

Inclusive Policies to Attract Diverse Talent (Part 2)

In the second of our series with Sarah George, she shares how certain policies might unintentionally exclude certain groups, and how you can fix them.

Candidate Experience & The Aspirational EVP 

Build a validating candidate experience by crafting and sharing your employee value proposition (EVP). 

RPO vs Agency: Which is better? 

Eric Wilson, a Coit senior recruiter, has spent nearly two decades in both agency and RPO recruiting settings. Here’s why he says the RPO model is better. 

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