Simple, scalable talent solutions

Our team of specialists use best-in-class tools and analytics to identify and address your company's unique needs. We consult and support you throughout the entire process with in-depth market and industry knowledge, so you can achieve your goals.
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)
Working with a recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) company blends the best of agency, in-house and on-demand models, without pulling your team or budget off track. With RPO, you can hand off all or a portion of your jobs.
Hire better, faster
Hiring Brand Development
No matter your budget or the size of your company, there are simple ways you can elevate your hiring brand that will result in improved perceptions and remarkable talent all vying to work with your team.
Harness your hiring brand
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI)
From equal opportunity algorithms to diversity analytics and a more inclusive hiring brand, Coit helps you to execute effectively on your DEI priorities.
Empower your talent strategies
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Talent Technology
Gain access to our innovative tech stack and unlock the full potential of your business. WIth Coit, you can transform your process easily using AI, talent intelligence and groundbreaking technology.
Upgrade your tech
Executive Search
Senior executive roles are high-stakes hires that require visionary leaders to drive your business and team forward. Working side by side with the best and brightest minds in tech for more than 20 years, we know exactly what to look for—and where to find it. Uncover the most sought-after leaders worldwide, and hire with confidence with Coit.
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Recruiting on Demand
Whether you need to hire five people or 500, our team works closely with you, following a tightly integrated process and timeline to deliver multiple hires while also enhancing quality and efficiency.
Increase your pipeline

What our clients are saying



We were entering a new marketand needed to ramp-up hiring. Every month our sales team went unfilled cost us $1.5 million. Coit slashed our time-to-hire.

— Paul Sandusky, VP Talent Acquisition of Ceridian

Emily Couey, SVP People at Illumio

We came to a point where we needed to step up to the challenge of growing our team accross the globe. Initially, we considered building it ourselves, but after doing my research, it became clear that the Coit model was really going to help us expand, get up and running as quickly as we needed to.

— Emily Couey, SVP People at Illumio


Every month our sales team went unfilled cost us $1.5 Million. Coit slashed our time to hire.

— Paul Sandusky, VP Talent Acquisition of Ceridian


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