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3 Quick Tips to Improve Your Hiring Process


Are you looking to improve your hiring process? You don’t have to turn everything upside down to accomplish meaningful change. For a strong start, follow these simple tips from Senior Talent Recruiter Laura Langsenkamp.

Tip #1: Strengthen your hiring brand

Why should a candidate work with your team and company rather than a competitor? If the value proposition needs clarification, it’s time to bolster your hiring brand. A simple way to do this is to poll your existing employees and leadership. What drew them to your company, and why do they continue to stay? Digging into your current team’s decision-making process will provide powerful insights to incorporate into your messaging and outreach.

Tip #2: Pare down interviews

The interview process is critical, but asking candidates to meet several times over several weeks hurts your chances as an employer of choice. Scrutinize where you can compress and condense the interview process. Making minor tweaks to the number and duration of interviews is a great way to improve your time to hire. Examine how many conversations you genuinely need to evaluate a candidate.

Tip #3: Speed up decision-making

Whether candidates are currently employed or in between jobs, the longer your process takes, the more likely you’ll lose candidates who could benefit your team. Be mindful of the time (and stress) that pursuing an opportunity with your company takes. Few candidates will remain engaged when the decision-making is drawn out.

When planning, take the sign-off process into account. If you have leadership in other countries or leaders who travel frequently, find ways to avoid slowdowns. A thoughtful, effective hiring process will show candidates you respect their time and create a lasting impression to keep them engaged.

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