Building two, world-class sales hubs

Ceridian was launching a new product line, and like any software company, they needed to quickly build an aggressive and cohesive sales team to bring the product to market. This sales team would be responsible for selling Ceridian’s award-winning Dayforce products to companies with 100 to 500 employees.
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The Challenge

To bring Dayforce products to market, Ceridian developed two new sales hubs in Chicago and Atlanta. However, to achieve these aggressive numbers they needed a sales team that could hit the ground running and get it right the first time.

The Solution

An RPO solution from Coit was the best way forward

Coit deployed an aggressive sales recruiting team for this four-month project. In order to build a cohesive and successful sales team, Coit began with leadership. The first order of business was to recruit the new VP of Sales, a well-known industry veteran. The team quickly identified and signed the new VP within three weeks of the project’s start.

The Results

Once the new leader was in place, the Coit team worked closely with sales leadership to build two world-class sales hubs to sell Ceridian’s award winning product.
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