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The Challenge

InsightSquared realized it was time to head out West. Specifically, the fact that 1/3 of the Boston-based, V.C.-backed company’s clients were based in San Francisco and the realities of business efficiency meant that they needed to open a west coast office. When it came to hiring the best of Silicon Valley, InsightSquared brought in a local ringer: Coit RPO. InsightSquared had neither the time nor the resources to tackle all of the detailed and delicate processes of recruiting to fill a new office, not to mention the intimate knowledge and connections required to attract the best talent in the hyper-competitive San Francisco Bay market. Add the millions of dollars lost each month closed, and you have the recipe for one very costly delay.

The Solution

Our full suite of end-to-end recruiting solutions

Coit RPO offered a full suite of end-to-end recruiting solutions. Coit handled compensation screening and selection, salary and performance benchmarking, promotion, and even offer negotiation for InsightSquared, all with the expertise, deftness, and influence of a San Francisco power player. After working closely with InsightSquared, Coit defined the office’s ideal candidate profiles, created an optimized interview process, sourced the most talented and sought-after candidates, and managed the offer tendering and negotiation process. Then, when it was all done, Coit turned around and presented InsightSquared with a fully-staffed office of Silicon Valley’s best and brightest, ready to hit the ground running.

The results

There are successes, and then there’s what Coit RPO did for InsightSquared. Coit delivered an entire top-flight sales team in just 1/3 of the time expected, a lost-revenue savings of 300%. Coit RPO is about quality as much as quantity, though: the Coit-staffed west coast office of InsightSquared is now the highest performing sales team globally. The candidates Coit recruited have an attrition rate of exactly zero, and though all rookies, are leading the entire world in sales for InsightSquared. Coit’s policy of not sharing candidates between clients meant that when they found the best talent, only InsightSquared got to recruit them. Faster results, the best talent, and turn-key simplicity – it’s the Coit way.
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Increased hiring velocity

Delivered in 1/3 expected time

Candidate attrition rate

Top team
Best-performing, globally

Our Impact

Our full recruitment process outsourcing enabled an expanding client to triple their hiring velocity, onboard better talent, and slash attrition in an unfamiliar new region. Coit RPO enabled InsightSquared to open its west coast office in one-third the time thanks to Coit’s local expertise and industry knowledge, and is now the best-performing regional office worldwide.


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