Hyper growth and accelerated hiring

Even though the pandemic disrupted and impacted the talent market in unprecedented ways, it also spurred massive growth in a number of industries, especially digital entertainment. Few companies in this space grew as quickly or recognizably as TikTok. With a billion monthly active users, the video-sharing platform became a social media giant practically overnight.
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The Challenge

After two years of rapid growth, our client, social media giant TikTok, had the problem every fast-growing company has: they couldn’t hire people quickly enough to meet their business demands. The organization was looking for a talent partner with a proven track record of identifying and hiring key roles - they turned to Coit Group to increase the candidate pipeline, extend offers, and expand company headcount.

The Solution

Our deep experience within the industry

Coit Group was well-equipped to tackle the recruiting process for TikTok. Our team got started quickly to integrate with the internal team’s backend systems and fill the candidate pipeline for the engineering roles.

TikTok Results

We accelerated results for TikTok by engaging in 2,500 phone calls and emails to candidates per week. This resulted in submitting over 1,000 candidates per month. In fact, the TikTok team was so satisfied with Coit Groups speed and quality of candidates, they requested us to further extend the recruitment team - bringing on 15 more resources to help with their hypergrowth.
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accelerated hiring

candidate interactions per week

candidate submittals per month

900 - 1150%
increased hiring rate

reduced screened-to-submitted ratio


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