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From humble beginnings in a Bay Area garage, Zenni Optical has grown into an online eyewear leader, selling more than 50 million pairs of glasses since 2003. As Zenni advanced new business initiatives, they needed to attract unicorn talent and top executives rapidly. Together with Coit Group, Zenni has been able to bring bold goals into focus and accelerate its vision of affordable, accessible eyewear.
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The Challenge

As its ecommerce, optical product manufacturing and consumer brand grew, Zenni felt the pressure of a large hiring backlog with just one in-house recruiter as well as geographic hiring challenges. Without infrastructure, an ATS, joint strategy, performance management or centralized processes and communication, Zenni was struggling to succeed in the midst of change and chaos. They needed a flexible partner to scale teams up and down quickly and effectively.

What Zenni had to say


"I honestly don't know what I would do without Coit. They put in so much effort and care so much about the candidate experience. They're always looking out for our best interests, and are our eyes and ears in the market. They're a part of our internal team."

— Mary Prior, Director, Human Resources at Zenni Optical

The Solution

Our Method. Their Mission.

After evaluating several RPO companies, Zenni decided to partner with Coit, citing our flexibility, down-to-earth approach and ability to bring cutting-edge technology, processes and solutions online. Aligning leadership, HR, marketing and hiring managers around a strategic North Star, we put our proven Method to work. Initially Zenni brought on two Coit recruiters, then doubled that number, also adding a Coit TA leader as its Head of Talent Acquisition. 


We dove deep into Zenni's challenges to chart a new path forward together.


Putting best practices, infrastructure and technology in place, we centralized and standardized Zenni's approach.


Our go-to-market strategy included segmented EVPs, targeted outreach campaigns and firsthand messaging distilled from leadership to engage passive candidates.


Effective planning and a single source of truth laid the groundwork for rapid knowledge sharing, clear communication and confident decision-making.


With ongoing data reviews and refinement, we continue to evolve and recalibrate for maximum value realization.

The Results

In the first three months, we were able to fill more than half of Zenni's 30+ open reqs, cutting cost per hire by over 30%. Today, Zenni has a solid hiring foundation and infrastructure in place, with proven processes and resources.
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Our Impact

Their partnership with Coit has made Zenni successful in a world where competition to attract, hire, and retain qualified talent is fiercer than ever.


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