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4 Signs an RPO Solution Could Be Right for Your Business


For organizations that have seen transitions, times of growth, as well as times of challenges and uncertainty – RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) can help support a creative, flexible, and cost-effective talent solution that drives your business forward. At Coit Group, we support fast growing companies as well as established brands, from technology to finance and manufacturing to music distribution.

In the past year, your organization may have experienced drastic changes and with an uncertain landscape ahead, chances are that you have also seen changes to your usual operations and hiring practices. Below are four tell-tale signs that an RPO partner could be right for you. 

  1. Experiencing High Turnover of Recruiters

The first point of contact a candidate has with your organization is often with a recruiter. Recruiters are able to sell the opportunity to work for your organization and ideally, they should be able to develop an understanding that comes with time and commitment. Particularly, when recruitment functions lean on external recruitment agencies, this can be difficult to achieve. By leaning on an agency, it can be hard to keep track of crucial statistics such as hiring spend, quality of hire, recruitment timelines and the accountability for hiring results. 

One of the great benefits of working with an RPO partners is that whether our recruiters work inhouse or onsite, they get to know your business over the long term and truly become brand ambassadors for each client. This enables key insights that help drive effective, tailored hiring with an improved candidate experience. 

2. Fluctuating Hiring Needs Impact Your Operations and Recruitment Costs

The need for talent can rise and fall – now more than ever. This can result from shifting marketplaces or unique requirements and opportunities within your organization. Today, the market is changing rapidly which has led to companies overspending on hiring. For example, when organizations begin to hire reactively, this leads to low quality of hires and even lower retention rates. 

An RPO partner can help stop the cycle of overspending on hiring and offer the flexibility to scale to your needs and circumstances. Through expertise and insights into your recruitment process and the talent market, an RPO can help you predict your hiring needs, improve quality of hires – all while reducing your time to fill and recruitment costs. In this resource, you can find examples of how we helped some of our clients with their talent challenges.   

3. Struggling to Attract and/or Retain Niche Talent

  • Finding Talent 

When hiring for competitive roles, industry specific knowledge and insight into local markets in crucial. By combining the expertise of our internal recruitment team and the knowledge of onsite recruiters, RPO is designed to help you find candidates for hard to fill or niche roles. 

  • Attracting Talent 

What is your employer brand telling potential candidates if it appears outdated, unpolished, or is non-existent? By combining marketing insights and our knowledge of top employer branding strategies, our RPO campaigns can help you compete for niche talent more effectively. 

  • Retaining Talent 

Without training, one-to-one attention or guidance, even the best of new hires can disengage quickly. Unfortunately, many organizations lose sight of vital functions, such as onboarding processes, during high-growth phases or uncertain times. With an RPO provider, they can design consistent and effective onboarding processes across departments and regions. In turn, this helps new hires be effective and efficient in their new roles and reduce employee turnover.

  4. Your Recruitment Strategy Needs an Update

With the market changing so frequently, it is important to update your recruitment strategy to one that is relevant to the market and future talent. You might need to ask yourself; how does your recruitment function stand up against competition, how can cost and time to hire be reduced, or how can I improve quality of hire? Do you need assistance with keeping your recruitment process up to date by implementing new recruitment technology and tools or renewing your commitment to Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion?

An RPO can help complete and implement these critical initiatives – bringing expertise and insights into best-fit technologies, strategic and predictive talent management, industry trends and engaging diverse talent.   

When to Consider RPO Partners

Do you identify with one or more of the challenges above? It might be time to seek extra support. RPOs are flexible to your needs and circumstances and are prepared to hit the ground running. They can scale to support your business with a single recruitment challenge in a short time frame or even refresh your entire talent acquisition function if requested. 

recruiting partner that can transform your talent acquisition efforts and improve business results. Connect with us to discuss how to get started.



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