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Employee Spotlight: Jade Fennell Shares Life at Coit Group


This month’s Employee Spotlight features Jade Fennell. Jade joined Coit Group as a Technical Recruiter working remotely for our client, TikTok. She is crucial to the success of the team and enjoys the culture, flexible working, and being a part of an established RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) organization within Silicon Valley. Jade spoke to us about her role, the colleagues she works with, and what she loves about working at Coit Group.

Flexible working at Coit Group

To Jade, the flexible nature of the Coit Group culture means managing her day in a way that works for her. She believes this is not only critical to her success as an employee, but also in her day-to-day personal life. She says “life happens sometimes, and we all encounter inconveniences. I find having the flexibility of working remotely gives me the ability to plan and organize work around life’s road bumps and allows me to focus on being productive.” Most of the roles that she is filling at TikTok are located on the West Coast. No longer is she stuck to a 9-5, she can work early in the morning and schedule calls with candidates in the afternoon – allowing her to focus on the important tasks while the West Coast is still sleeping.

How would you describe working in an RPO model and what are the benefits?

Before joining the Coit Team, Jade felt overwhelmed with the agency recruiting model. There were multiple clients with varying processes and needs. In an RPO model, Jade has found that working with one client has allowed her to have a better understanding of the clients’ needs, gain in-depth knowledge of their recruiting processes, and build lasting relationships with the internal team. Jade expresses “I am a better recruiter because I’m able to work closely with the client now. I have an improved understanding of what a “good candidate” looks like within their organization and feel a part of the internal team.”

Coit Groupies culture

At Coit Group, we play hard but work harder. Jade described the culture at Coit group as a “professional family.” Every Friday, the entire team gets on a weekly call with our CEOs – we celebrate wins, welcome our newcomers, and share what we’re working on. “Our team plans virtual engagement events” Jade says. “We can easily schedule calls to not only discuss work but also talk about life and learn from one another.”  From the moment Jade started the screening process, she was met with friendly faces. She learned what the typical day would look like and felt a sense of collaboration throughout the team. Jade shared, “I’m constantly learning new things even past the initial training.” Jade enjoys that she can reach out to others within the team, discuss innovative ideas, or ask for advice at any time.

How Jade enjoys her free time

In the summer, Jade enjoys playing tennis at her local park, it has been a passion that has grown since childhood. She told us, “I love taking my 1-year-old ShihTzu to the dog park, it’s a great way for both of us to get year-round exercise and make new friends.”

If you are looking for flexibility and a place to grow your career, learn more about Coit Group. You can also add Jade on LinkedIn here.



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