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How Wellness Programs Benefit Employers

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Improving the overall health and wellbeing of your workforce can help improve employee retention, attract top talent, and contribute to a positive culture. If you’re interested in establishing or improving a culture focused on employee health, wellness programs can also help boost team morale and increase teamwork.

What is a wellness program?

A wellness program is any organized activity designed to support the health of employees in the workplace. Wellness programs can vary by organization and help motivate employees to put their health first. This can include any number of activities including:

  • Mental health application subscriptions
  • Exercise programs
  • Gym membership allowances
  • Wellness assessments
  • Nutrition education programs
  • Smoking cessation programs

The Benefits of a Wellness Program

There are many reasons it is valuable for companies to support and promote wellness in the workplace, including:

Improves Employee Health

Any wellness program should focus on changing and improving employee behaviors, since the results can be game-changing for your workforce. Healthier habits lead to lower health risks, less sick time and better attendance, which in turn help you keep your employees and reduce expensive turnover. Wellness programs also help employees alleviate symptoms of depression, improving their overall wellbeing.

Increases Productivity and Employee Engagement

Research suggests that employees who engage in wellness programs in the workplace tend to be more productive at work because they are more rested, energized, and motivated to complete their work to the best of their abilities.

When companies create a culture focused on employee wellness, they typically have an engaged workforce. Walking groups, and other wellness activities help employees feel more connected to the company they work for and their co-workers. These activities strengthen relationships among employees and with managers, increasing the likelihood that an employee will remain with the company.

Improves Morale

A wellness program can help improve the morale of the entire organization. By participating, employees can create feelings of satisfaction and help them feel more supported in their health and wellness goals. This helps them feel more valued by their employer and can also reduce overall stress levels.

Improves Attendance & Reduces Healthcare Costs

A wellness program can help improve the overall health of your workforce, reducing the number of sick days employees take and increasing their productivity. This can result in measurable savings for a company in the form of reduced healthcare costs.

Improves Collaboration

Utilizing wellness programs can help improve communication between employees and their ability to work together as a team, ultimately strengthening the organization.

Attract and Retain Talent

In addition to salary, prospective employees are also interested in seeing what other benefits a company has to offer employees. The wellness benefits included in many compensation packages can help companies attract and retain talented candidates.

By including wellness benefits into your organization, you can attract more talented candidates, foster loyalty among existing employees, and improve overall morale. Have you thought about integrating these modern employee benefits into your organization? Contact one of our talent experts and start a conversation today.



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