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Humanizing High-Tech Recruitment 


How do you humanize your recruitment process to deliver a better experience and bring on the best people possible? For our team at Coit Group, a humanized approach means putting people and their goals first at every interaction, from the first conversation we have with business leaders interested in working with an RPO company to our recruitment outreach, offer negotiations and beyond. 

A people-led approach

As simple as it sounds, every solution and experience we design starts with people. Listening and bringing a genuine curiosity about people’s challenges and their world views. If you’re struggling with your recruitment efforts, examining issues from a people perspective helps to hone in on what needs to be resolved and improved — and how to go about it. 

What we’ve found with most of the clients and teams we work with is that what they really, truly want and need is time

Time to devote to top priorities, time to spend with family, time with friends, time to work out, time to finish your to-do list or your laundry or what have you. Just as much, candidates desire more time connected to opportunities that truly meet their values, hopes, goals and needs, and less time wasted on opportunities that aren’t a good fit. 

When we think about any RPO solution, we think about how we can give people more time back. How can we make every interaction and effort more enjoyable? How can we relieve whatever the pain is and make your job and life easier, so you have more time for whatever it is that you really want to do? 

Holistic hiring solutions

RPO (recruitment process outsourcing) isn’t always widely known in tech recruiting. If you’re new to RPO, you may be curious how it differs from traditional recruitment. The difference between traditional recruitment models (such as working with a recruiting agency) is the level of partnership, business advisory and resources that stay on with your team long after a hire is  made. 

RPO embeds experts, proven processes and robust technology inside your internal team, so benefits are evergreen, rather than transactional. At Coit, we examine your current resources, processes and ROI holistically. We look at how your current approach is or isn’t working, and how to improve outcomes for your company, candidates and team. 

Looking at recruitment challenges and processes as a series of human-focused interactions and strategies, rather than the transaction of filling an open role, we can expedite far-reaching impacts, improvements and optimization. We are designing solutions to human problems and business challenges, to achieve your goals, reduce wasted time and increase hiring efficiency and ROI. 

Personalized experiences

Focusing on your company, culture and unique goals and needs, we can create tailored, personalized solutions through hiring brand development, DEI sourcing, talent technology and people-focused strategies. 

When we develop hiring brands and go-to-market strategies, we are formulating first, who are the right candidates for the opportunities you’re offering, and what is the best way to go out and engage them? We are building customization messages and one-on-one relationships. Creating meaningful interactions as we champion your brand as a part of your team.  

It’s really about white-glove service. It’s creating a story for candidates. Really meaningful interactions so that there’s a great candidate experience.

Amanda Gruwell

One of the tools we use in our efforts is segmented employee value propositions (EVPs). Most staffing agencies and RPO companies create a one-size-fits-all EVP that misses the people aspect of best-fit candidates: what’s truly important for the people you want to hire for individual roles and teams. Our unique Method goes beyond boilerplate solutions — again, with a focus on humanizing recruitment for tech. 

Solutions, not sales

At Coit, we take pride in a culture and Method that’s people-first. If you’re struggling with resource shortages, high agency fees, outdated technology, broken processes (or promises), we can help. Let us point you in the right direction and serve as a sounding board and thought partner for your hiring challenges. We’re here to help. Contact us at [email protected]

This piece was co-written by Una Karanovic (Director, Operations & Recruitment) and Amanda Gruwell (Senior Director, Client Solutions)



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