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Four Ways to Redefine Recruiting in the New Age


We are living in an unprecedented time, and this year has shown that distance working can be very effective. While many organizations had to undergo mass layoffs in the second quarter, the majority are now bouncing back, and they are quickly realizing that they don’t have enough support.

To avoid overheating and mass attrition, organizations need to start rehiring. This may seem like a stressful endeavor, especially if that particular organization has recently cut some or most of its talent acquisition team. That’s why many are turning to high-value RPOs to quickly rebuild their teams with high-quality talent.

So, what can recruiting companies do to stay “on top of the game” and drive revenue during this time? LinkedIn influencer Lou Adler outlined the four competencies required to redefine recruiting approaches and achieve positive hiring outcomes in the current economy in his article.

Focus on Win-Win Hiring

The “Win-Win Hiring” approach strays from the conventional ways to measure job competency, which center around the number of jobs filled on time and at the lowest cost. Instead, this strategy focuses on increasing job satisfaction and improving the quality of hiring.

“A successful Win-Win Hiring outcome occurs after one year when the hiring manager fully agrees the new hire is an outstanding performer and the new employee is still highly satisfied with the job,” Adler states. This sets up the candidate as well as the employer with a process that ensures satisfaction on both sides and demonstrates the value of an RPO partnership.

Know the Job

Understandably, a common question among potential new hires is, “Can you tell me more about this position?” Recruiters need to be prepared to give a full and proper response to this.

It’s essential that they know the ins and outs of the role, including the performance objectives, the importance, a background on the hiring manager’s leadership style, and details regarding the company’s ways to promote diversity and inclusion. Always be ready when questions like this arise.

Guide the Decision Making of Hiring Managers

Top-tier recruiters are responsible for presenting detailed evidence of a candidate’s performance and qualifications to the hiring manager. This ensures that high-quality prospects aren’t overlooked due to inherent biases on the part of the employer.

To eliminate bias from a hiring manager’s decision-making process, recruiters must prepare job descriptions that measure success as performance objectives, as opposed to the traditional method of using a list of generic “must haves” that are subjective and may exclude particular groups.  

Offer the Best Career Opportunity

Many companies think they need to offer the highest salary possible in order to attract outstanding candidates. This is simply not true and, furthermore, most businesses will likely never have the budget available to provide that kind of compensation for every open role in their team.

While pay matters to any job seeker, it’s certainly not the only thing that matters. Instead of focusing solely on the financial compensation, think about the whole package. The best candidates are looking for the best career move, one that includes opportunities for advancement and the chance to learn new skills.

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