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Useful Tactics to Lessen Job Search Stress

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Chances are high that you will conduct a job search at some point in your professional career. When looking for a new opportunity, it’s normal to feel overcome by multiple emotions. It’s an exciting but simultaneously frightening and nerve-wracking time. 

Most of all, the uncertainty surrounding job searching can be overwhelming for some. This is completely understandable as there are a lot of highs and lows involved in a short amount of time. 

So, what can you do to manage all of the stress and emotions related to looking for a new professional opportunity? Rebecca Zucker at Harvard Business Review investigated this and outlined some helpful strategies to lessen the impact of this roller-coaster experience in her article.

Remain Informed

There’s no way to predict if your job search process is going to be short or long, so you should be prepared for a long one. As the old adage goes, “hope for the best but prepare for the worst.” That is to say, there will be peaks and valleys throughout this journey, and it’s important to be mentally aware from the beginning that these are going to happen in order to prevent becoming completely overwhelmed. This mental preparation will also allow you to rebound faster whenever the unexpected occurs.

Process Negative Emotions

When the negative emotions begin to flood, it’s best to find productive ways to process them properly. Activities such as meditating or journaling can be extremely helpful when dealing with difficult feelings. It’s important not to let your mind get taken over by these harmful emotions or they could potentially have a negative effect on your search for a new position. If that happens, the stress will just continue to pile on in a domino-like fashion.

Seek Support

It’s vital to have a strong support system in place when applying for jobs. Going beyond friends and family and having a career coach or a therapist will be instrumental in helping to guide you throughout the unpredictable, arduous job search journey. Having a community that expands beyond your loved ones will be a huge benefit during this period. 

Stay Active

When taking on the time-consuming task of applying for jobs, don’t let priorities like daily physical exercise fall to the wayside. Keeping active will improve your mood and help you maintain a positive attitude. It will aid in your effort to be at your best when filling out applications and undergoing interviews with hiring managers. After all, the ultimate goal is to wow your interviewer. What hiring manager wouldn’t be impressed by an energized candidate with an unwavering positive attitude?

Control Your Perspective

It’s easy to get down when you receive bad news from a prospective employer or after an interview that you perceive did not go well. It’s also common to take certain things personally when you don’t receive the reception or reaction you were hoping for. When this happens, take a minute to stop, take a step back, and rethink your perspective. Changing your view of the situation can help to de-personalize it and mitigate negative impacts on your mentality. 

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You can read more about How to Manage the Emotional Roller Coaster of a Job Search at Harvard Business Review.



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