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Insights from TriNet PeopleForce 2023


We just wrapped up at TriNet PeopleForce 2023, and we’re buzzing with insights. TriNet, known for its HR solutions, put together an event that was both enlightening and forward-thinking. Our Co-CEOs, Tim Farrelly and Joe Belluomini, were right in the mix, and we were there, eager to connect the dots for the future of tech recruitment. Here are some of the insights from the event.  

The Intersection of Technology & Humanity 

At TriNet PeopleForce 2023, one panel stood out among the rest: “Mental Health Access and Innovation: Meeting Employees Where They Are.” Dr. Cohen took the stage, sharing how his crisis management skills and AI tools morphed into creating Talkspace, a revolutionary mental health platform. 

Amidst the discussion of technology and empathy, Tim leaned over to Joe and whispered, “This is the intersection we need to be at. Where technology meets empathy and AI complements humanity, it’s the embodiment of People for People.” 

That moment encapsulated the event’s theme for us, reaffirming our commitment to place people at the heart of tech recruitment. Tim and Joe left the event not just moved but invigorated to transform this insight into action. 

AI: A Generational Evolution 

AI isn’t just a buzzword; it’s rapidly becoming the backbone of many industries, especially business (mentions of AI in quarterly earnings calls skyrocketed by 380% in Q2 of 2023 compared to Q4 of 2022). Businesses not only recognize the potential of AI but are integrating it into their operations and strategies. As we delve deeper into 2023, the data suggests a fascinating trend: the embrace of AI is largely generational. 

Gen Z and Millennials are not just familiar with AI; they’re enthusiasts. Over 50% claim to be very familiar with AI, showcasing a comfort level with technology that’s inherent to their generation. In contrast, only 30% of Gen X and a mere 10% of Boomers report the same familiarity. 

But it’s not just about awareness; it’s about sentiment too. A significant 34% of Gen Z and Millennials are excited about the possibilities AI brings to the table. They see it as a tool for innovation, efficiency, and perhaps even a touch of the futuristic world they grew up envisioning. On the flip side, older generations, particularly Boomers, approach AI with more caution. A notable 53% express concern, likely stemming from a mix of unfamiliarity and the rapid pace of technological change they’ve witnessed throughout their lives. 

So, what does this mean for the future? As Gen Z and Millennials continue to dominate the workforce, we can expect a more significant push towards AI-driven solutions in recruiting and beyond. Their comfort and enthusiasm for AI will drive its adoption, ensuring that businesses not only utilize AI but optimize it. 

That’s not to say the concerns of older generations aren’t valid. As we move forward, bridging the knowledge and sentiment gap between generations will be crucial. It’s not just about leveraging AI for efficiency but ensuring that all generations feel equipped and empowered in an AI-driven world. 

The Global Talent Hunt: Opportunities Everywhere 

 “The access to talent has never been better. Not only are there great people leaving large companies, but there’s also now a global workforce. And we have figured out how to collaborate effectively with people all over the world.” 

  • Burton Goldfield, CEO of Trinet 

The global economy is shifting, and with it, the dynamics of hiring. Burton M. Goldfield’s insights painted a promising picture for SMBs. The key takeaway? Stay agile and be ready to embrace change. 

Businesses are now tapping into talent from 180 countries. Having been rooted in the Bay Area and companies at the peak of innovation, we’ve had the privilege of working with top-tier talent and bringing it in. This gives us a unique perspective as the talent search goes global. It’s about finding the right fit, wherever they might be. 

TikTok: More Than Just Viral Videos 

TikTok’s influence extends beyond dance challenges. Dan Frommer highlighted how the platform is becoming a game-changer in the business realm. Consider this: Americans are now immersed in tech and media for roughly 13 hours daily, with a significant chunk dedicated to platforms like TikTok. 

What’s more? TikTok is winning the battle against traditional media. 66% of Gen Z users would choose TikTok over traditional TV if they had to. And they aren’t just using it for entertainment, half of TikTok users have used it to prepare a new recipe.  They are using the platform to try something new based on content they’ve seen. It’s a platform that drives engagement and action. 

Moving Forward 

TriNet PeopleForce 2023 provided valuable insights for talent leaders and change makers. At Coit, it underscored our focus on innovation and strategic growth in a rapidly changing tech landscape. While TriNet’s platform showcases its dedication to supporting growth, it’s evident there is a lot more to come. 

As we reflect on the event, we’re optimistic about the future of tech recruitment. 

**Datapoints from this article were sourced from this presentation at PeopleForce.



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