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Talent Acquisition Challenges Where RPO Can Help


When looking to implement a new talent solution, one of the biggest questions you may have is “how will this benefit me and my organization?” During challenging times such as the Great Resignation, choosing a Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner that understands your brand, values, culture and hiring goals can bring enormous short and long-term benefits. Additionally, choosing the right RPO partner that aligns with your goals will allow your organization to develop a data-driven solution that transitions reactive hiring to proactive hiring.

Scaling Up or Down

The modern workforce moves rapidly, and organizations need recruitment strategies to match this. Today’s organizations have needs that change month-to-month, even weekly at times. The ability to scale up or down recruitment efforts to support growth has become a major challenge for internal talent acquisition teams. When working alongside an RPO partner, they can get ahead of seasonal peaks of hiring when growth is needed and scale back when fewer resources are required. Not only are recruiters ready to be deployed, sourcing specialists and administrators are also available.

Keeping a Consistent and Predictable Recruiting Process

Ever lose a candidate due to an extended recruiting process? We have all been there. Having additional support from RPO can create a consistent and predictable hiring process. Your RPO partner can put an organizational wide standard procedure in place to ensure consistency and efficiency, from sourcing through to onboarding. For example, has your organization outlined what a ‘good candidate’ looks like? Without having a standard, the definition of ‘good’ could be different for everyone at the company and delay the hiring process. By implementing a consistent, and standard, process or criteria for hiring managers or recruiters, all employees can use the same language when speaking to candidates and be able to make better hiring decisions.

Continuous Innovation and Improvement

One of the many benefits of working with a recruitment process outsourcing partner is the tracking and analytics they provide. Being able to see real-time reporting and insights helps improve the hiring process by highlighting areas of needed improvement and demonstrating where recruiters are getting the best results. Four key metrics to track with an RPO partner include hiring manager satisfaction, cost savings, days to slate, and time to hire. Furthermore, RPO partners stay up to date with the latest technology, training programs, and innovative talent acquisition and industry-specific trends.

Well-rounded Employer Brand

By effectively communicating who you are as a company, you can attract high-quality candidates and improve retention rates. RPO partners can help develop and build out your employer brand. As experts in this field, they can also make sure your employer brand is represented effectively throughout the recruitment process. A key benefit of working with an RPO partner is having recruiters that are assigned to a specific client. The RPO team will consult with the client to understand and enhance the perception of their brand in the market, acting as brand ambassadors on behalf of the client and leverage advertising through drip and nurture campaigns.

Do you identify with one or more of the challenges above? It might be time to seek extra support. RPO partners are prepared to hit the ground running and are flexible to your needs and circumstances. Contact our talent experts to learn more.



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