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4 Sales Recruiting Tips to Hire Top Performers


Sales recruiting is an essential part of any business’s growth, but it takes time, effort, and expertise to find the best salespeople. Follow these tips to improve your sales recruitment processes and increase your likelihood of finding the top performer you need to complete your team.

1. Establish the sales recruiting process

It is critical to ask every candidate the same questions in the initial interview steps. Only by comparing two candidates through the same lens can you objectively determine which sales professional is a better fit. 

Asking someone to demonstrate how they would sell you a product or service will give insight into their imagination, confidence, and communications skills as a sales person.

2. Hire salespeople for their strengths

The key to building an effective vetting process is identifying what is the most difficult part of the job. The more difficult, the more critical it is to hire for this strength. 

When considering candidates for a position, ask yourself if they are more than just a list of positive attributes. Are they able to form meaningful connections with potential customers? Would they contribute positively to the company culture?

3. Set the tone during interviews

Share interview steps with potential candidates in writing and ensure they are clear. This is the candidate’s opportunity to bring up potential issues at the beginning of the process. This step makes potential candidates take the interview process more seriously. 

4. Ask questions and do role playing exercises

Have the candidate perform a task and drill. Go through a series of questions. While going through these series of questions we are looking for: thoughts and sales processes, confidence, and consistency in answers. 

It can also help you to judge a candidate’s energy and determination, as well as their ability to read the situation and adapt. This is best done face-to-face, or at least over a video call.

You can also use these sample interview questions to uncover additional details regarding the candidate.

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