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The Top 5 Podcasts Recruiters Need to Listen To

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Podcasts are a great way to expand your knowledge on any topic through listening to industry experts. In the recruitment and hiring world, there are many podcasts that cover the subject. We asked Coit’s team of recruiters which recruitment and hiring podcasts are worth listening to, so be sure to add these to your list.

1.      The NeuroRecruiter

The NeuroRecruiter is the weekly Recruitment podcast hosted by Dan Alexander. In this series Dan interviews some of the brightest minds inside (& out) of Recruitment, exploring concepts such as hypnosis, high-performance coaching, NLP, sports psychology, neuro-Semantics, neuroscience, and mindfulness.

2.      Recruiting Future with Matt Adler

Innovation and futurology in Recruiting, Recruitment Marketing and HR Technology. Matt Alder interviews thought leaders who are influencing and changing an industry in this information-packed podcast.

3.      The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast

The Recruiting Brainfood Podcast is a weekly talk show with leading figures in the staffing industry where AI, future of work, recruitment agencies, diversity & inclusion, gig economy, recruiting technology, workplace culture are discussed with host, Hung Lee.

4.      The Chad & Cheese Podcast

Chad & Cheese discuss a wide variety of topics and current news stories around recruiting, human resources, and employment. Hiring companies, employers, and vendors tune in for insights from practitioners, vendors, startups, and more.

5.      The HR Uprising Podcast

This engaging HR podcast explores HR ‘hot’ topics and challenges through conversations with relevant experts and real-life human resources with discussions around organizational development and learning and development professionals.

Podcasts are excellent ways to uncover the latest trends and understand what key questions industry leaders in recruitment and hiring are posing themselves today. If you are a business or human resources leader and want new go-to sources of information, these 5 podcasts should be on the top of your list!

If you are looking to scale your recruitment or looking for some assistance on larger projects, Coit can help you navigate any of your hiring challenges. Start a conversation today.



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