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The Top 5 Recruitment Mistakes Companies Make


When organizations need to scale, they require to build the necessary teams in a defined period to support their growth. We asked the team of recruiters at Coit who help organizations grow through recruitment process outsourcing: “what is one aspect of recruiting that companies often get wrong?” and here are the top 5 recruitment mistakes they think companies can improve upon.

Recruitment mistake #1: dragged out and unclear interview stages

Often, there are too many stages in the interview process. When companies implement drawn out and complex interview stages, it drives them to look elsewhere. This also includes a delay in decision making

“Companies lose top talent when they fail to keep the prospective candidate engaged”.” – Anaar Merali

Recruitment mistake #2: unrealistic timeline

Timing is everything when growing companies need to fill roles quickly. Some companies are too slow in their hiring processes. Others, however, hire candidates before they have considered all the options.

“Hiring managers have a start date that they want candidates to comply with without understanding how long the hiring process can take. The best way to solve it is by starting any search with a more fluid timeline and updating the start date to allow the candidate flexibility in giving their two-week notice.” – Julian Lavoie

“It depends on the company, but you need a good balance in your hiring process! Not too slow…. not too fast.” – Brendan Williams

Recruitment mistake #3: Not ‘selling’ the opportunity

“Many hiring managers tend to forget that they need to sell an opportunity as much as the candidates need to sell themselves. Roles/companies must be exciting and appealing to top performers for them to consider making a move” – Zain Al Jaber

Recruitment mistake #4: treating candidates as checklists vs humans

“So many times, hiring managers look at candidates’ profiles or resumes as checklists of what candidates “need” to have to be successful in the position, and do not always consider that these are living, breathing humans that can have a whole array of transferrable skills on and off their resume” – Kristen Halliday

“I have seen hiring managers put more weight on one area while overlooking the others. It needs to be more balanced and holistic so as not to overlook good talent.” – Amanda Gruwell

Recruitment mistake #5: losing touch with quality candidates

For recruitment to be effective, it is crucial to build your network over time. This leaves candidates with a positive experience and helps build trust for future opportunities.

“I believe building relationships with candidates is very important versus speaking to them for the sake of submitting the profile and losing touch over time” – Karishma Roy

Avoid recruitment mistakes – partner with experts

Are you having trouble sourcing quality candidates to help scale your recruitment efforts? Start a conversation with us today to understand how outsourcing recruitment can help your bottom line and attract top candidates with Coit.



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