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5 Tactics You Can Use in Your Employer Brand Strategy Today 


In the ever-evolving tech landscape, attracting leading talent transcends mere salary figures or a laundry list of perks. It’s about narrating a compelling story that not only showcases your brand as an employer but also illustrates the transformative journey that awaits those who join your mission. Employer branding is not just a portrayal of your company’s identity, culture, and values; it’s a promise of who your employees can become as part of your team.

But you know this. The importance is obvious. So if you’re looking for an overview of employer branding and how important it is to build it, this article isn’t for you.  

This article is for you if you’re looking for tactics you can immediately bring into your hiring brand strategy. We’ve put together this guide of five tactics you can start using today. They are not hacks. They are thoughtful, long-lasting activities that will help your company become the top choice of candidates in the market. Find the tactics that fit your vision and get started. Let’s jump in.  

Write Job Descriptions That Sell 

Crafting an engaging job description is akin to composing a tantalizing menu for a five-star restaurant. Just as a chef combines ingredients to create an unforgettable culinary experience, so too must an employer blend the components of the job to illustrate a unique, attractive role. All too often, job descriptions read more like a grocery list than an enticing menu. It’s essential to go beyond the ‘ingredients’—the skills, qualifications, and duties—but to expound on the ‘experience’ your company offers. 

Consider the ambiance of your company: its culture, its ethos, its people. How do these elements come together to create a distinctive flavor, a unique workplace experience? Paint a vivid picture of this in your job description. Use language that resonates with the emotions and goals your ideal candidates may have. For example, are the entry-level candidates you’re looking for also looking for career growth? Paint the vision of how your role leads to that outcome. 

Convey your company’s values, your commitment to employee well-being, the opportunities for growth and development, and your uniqueness. This isn’t just about attracting a candidate with the right skills; most job boards can fulfill that need. It’s about attracting a candidate with the right mindset and cultural fit. By enhancing your job descriptions, you’ll pique the interest of high-quality applicants who align with your company’s ethos and are likely to become committed, long-term team members. 

Word of Mouth is Everything… So Source Employee Testimonials 

Imagine you’re planning a trip out of the country and want to make sure you hit the best spots. Who would you ask? Your neighbor three doors down? Or a local? 

We hope you said a local. 😅 

Tourists trust a local guide’s recommendations over a generic travel brochure, and the same applies to prospective employees. Employee testimonials are narratives that breathe life into your company’s image, transforming it from a faceless entity into a vibrant community. Candidates value insights from people who have firsthand experience working in your company. 

Employee testimonials are more than endorsements; they are personal accounts that transform your company from just another hiring brand into a thriving community. By showcasing real stories of growth, success, and fulfillment, you make the brand more relatable and appealing. So make that firsthand experience visible!  

To start, identify a diverse mix of employees who can share their unique perspectives and experiences at your company. This might involve discussing their growth within the company, projects they’re proud of, or why they appreciate the company culture.  

Then, partner with marketing and decide on the medium for these testimonials—blogs, videos, social media posts, or all of the above. Encourage authenticity—scripted testimonials lack the personal touch that resonates with viewers. Promote these testimonials across your recruitment channels, such as your website, social media, and job postings.  

People trust people. And the more visibility your people have in the marketplace, the more candidates will reach out directly to them about available roles (and your team will do the job selling for you!) Over time, this strategy can significantly enhance your employer brand by showcasing a positive work environment and satisfied employees, and that’s a big draw for high-quality talent. 

Speaking of People, Promote the Leadership Team 

Company leaders have to be seen and heard. They embody the company’s values and serve as an example for employees and potential hires. 

Your leaders can be visible in many ways. Leaders can share insights, news, and even personal anecdotes across internal communications platforms and social media. They can engage with employees’ posts, offering words of encouragement or taking the time to answer questions. They can host virtual town halls or ‘Ask Me Anything’ sessions to engage with the team.  

Some of the most impactful leaders remain visible by doing unscalable activities. Skip level 1:1’s and direct conversations with employees.  

By promoting a culture of open dialogue and transparency, leaders make themselves accessible, fostering trust and a sense of belonging among employees. For prospective candidates, this visible leadership provides a window into a company culture that values inclusivity and transparency, thereby attracting those who value the same. 

Employee Growth Leads to Company Growth  

As an employer, your job is to provide opportunities for your employees to grow and develop professionally. Doing so, you’ll find the results that come back to you will be the fuel that ignites your hypergrowth. 

Make sure your hiring managers provide solid onboarding experience. That initial training and clarity in their work is there. Most employees start roles without much guidance at all, so leading out with proper onboarding will be a powerful differentiator. 

For existing employees, offer regular training sessions that enhance skills and knowledge. Provide resources for obtaining professional certifications. Facilitate mentoring relationships or ‘buddy’ programs within the company. Teach managers how to train and build relationships with their direct reports. Establish clear pathways for advancement within the organization and offer support for employees to follow them.  

Show your employees that you’re invested in their growth, not just as assets to the company, but as individuals with career aspirations. In doing so, you’ll cultivate an environment of continuous learning and ambition. This dedication to growth and development will improve the quality of your current team and will serve as a magnet for new hires. 

Build Your University Pipeline 

Universities have pools of promising talent—students who are eager to apply their learning in a real-world context. You can offer internships, mentorship programs, or even sponsor student projects related to your industry. Of course, many graduating students are looking for their first full-time role. 

Tapping into early talent has fueled the growth of many tech companies. This not only enhances your talent acquisition strategy but also promotes your brand as an industry leader committed to nurturing the next generation. In the long run, this approach will strengthen your company’s reputation, making it a top choice for high-caliber graduates. 

Start Yourself Today or Partner with an Experienced Employer Brand Builder 

Employer brands blend strategic storytelling, transparency, dedication to employee growth, and strong connections with future talent. Each step requires effort and consistency. But the result—a magnetic employer brand—is what you’re aiming for. 

Remember, the way you present your company to the world can be the deciding factor for a prospective candidate considering your offer.  

If you’re looking for personalized guidance to enhance your employer brand and distinguish your company in the marketplace, work with us at Coit Group. As part of our Method process, we review your employer brand and devise a comprehensive plan to amplify its appeal. Let us help you transform your employer brand into a beacon that attracts top-tier talent from across the tech industry. 



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