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Employee Spotlight – An Inside Look at the Coit Group Company Culture


At Coit Group, we often speak to our employees to understand what works well, what strategies are creating success, and what pieces of our culture the team enjoys best so that we can keep progressing and learn from one another. We spoke to three talented recruiters on our team to better understand their experience working for Coit Group, the relationship they hold with clients, and what makes them successful in their career.

Why Do You Enjoy Working at Coit Group?

When it comes to remote work, this type of flexibility encourages individuals to work when and where they are at their best. Here at Coit Group, we believe that our employees can start and end their day and work from anywhere they choose, as long as their work is complete, and they produce strong outcomes. We spoke to Laura, a Senior Technical Recruiter who supports Grammarly, who shared why she loves flexible working. Laura said “I enjoy organizing and scheduling my days to be the most productive for myself and to make sure that I have a successful week, every week. A successful day might look like waking up at 7am for a hot Pilates class, coming home and sending out emails to potential candidates, and speaking with several people on how their skills relate to the roles I’m hiring for.”

Jenn, one of our Technical Recruiters who has supported TikTok, spoke to us about her experience working for a recruitment process outsourcing organization rather than her past agency experience. She shared “I was looking for team collaboration and RPO was something I have always been interested in. When I spoke to the internal recruitment team, it was like the clouds opened and the rainbow came through, my new work family was waiting for me.”

For Cache, a talented Senior Sales Recruiter, he expressed that “working for Coit Group exposes me to the business world and allows me to understand firsthand how high growth software businesses run. I get to work with stakeholders of every level, all the way up to CEO. I have also helped hire roles between entry level sales to Senior VP and Director level.”

What About Recruitment Do You Enjoy?

One thing stood out to us when speaking with Laura, Jenn and Cache – they all enjoy working directly with people and creating meaningful relationships during the recruitment process. Laura shared with us, “I enjoy people. I like to build relationships with candidates, and because of my competitive nature, I like having the opportunity to grow and learn about the Tech startup culture that my clients experience.” She is proud of the opportunities that Coit Group has provided her and never stops bragging about her job to friends (how cool is that)! Laura currently supports two client accounts right now and although it can be challenging, it is extremely rewarding and keeps her motivated to create memorable candidate journeys and bring in top talent for her clients.

Cache had a remarkably similar experience to Laura. “I love talking to people. I love building rapport with everyone and because I have built a relationship with the candidates, delivering offers is a lot easier.” As well as building relationships with candidates, Cache prides himself on building connections and a foundation of trust with each stakeholder. He expressed “if I understand what the hiring manager wants or needs, meaning I learn what they are looking for and what is important to them, they trust me if I say, “this is a strong candidate.” They are eager to take the interview because of the trust we built.”

Our Motto – Always Be Sourcing (ABS)

After speaking with our team, we know one thing to be true. Being consistent in their careers has helped them produce high quality work. By improving their consistency and practicing time management, they can set goals and identify areas for improvement. We have a motto at Coit Group that we often talk about in team meetings; “Always Be Sourcing.” We believe that by dedicating time each day to sourcing, even if that means reaching out to 20 people/day or 100/week, we can avoid low periods during the week when we aren’t speaking to candidates. And in the recruiting world, getting in front of candidates is how we can ensure success for our business and for our clients.

It’s Always “What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?” and Never “What Do You Love?”

This hit us in the feels. For many of us as kids, we were asked “what are going to do when you grow up?” and never taught to think about what you really love to do and how that would translate into finding a career. When Jenn was introduced to recruiting, she realized that what she genuinely loved was educating people. She loved providing guidance and having conversations that would help people understand what works best for them. She said “sometimes the candidate doesn’t end up in the role I am recruiting for, but that is okay. Having those conversations and helping them understand what would be best for them is rewarding and has made me feel fulfilled in my own career.”

At Coit Group, we’re always on the lookout for remarkable people to join us. Inquisitive people. People that naturally go the extra mile and love what they do. If you are interested in shaping the future of talent and working with some of the most recognized organizations in the Technology industry, please send your resume to [email protected].



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